Parish Council Meetings

Please click on the links below to view the agendas, minutes, meeting dates and terms of reference for the appropriate committees.


Planning Committee

Cllr Sharman (Chair) Cllr Brodigan Cllr Dixon Cllr Thorpe

Amenities Committee

Cllr Barnett (Chair) Cllr Brodigan Cllr Mann Cllr Townson

Finance and General Purposes Committee

Cllr Brodigan (Chair) Cllr Sharman Cllr Townson Cllr Thorpe

Editorial Committee

Cllr Townson (Chair) Cllr Barnett Cllr Mann Cllr Thorpe

Community Hall Committee

Cllr Sharman (Chair) Cllr Barnett Cllr Brodigan Cllr Mann

Representations on other groups

Teynham Village Hall Management Committee

Represented by [vacant]

KALC Swale Area Committee

Represented by Cllr Townson