Induction for new councillors

On behalf of the Parish Council, may we extend a very warm welcome to you.

The following information is offered to individuals who are interested in joining the Teynham Parish Council or who have just joined. This is our induction process to make you feel part of the team and get you up to speed as quickly as possible.

Before you join

  • Attend 2 or 3 parish council meetings (if you can)
  • Contact the Clerk or Chairman to say you're interested.
  • Read this page (our induction process).
  • Have an informal chat with the Chairman

At your first meeting

Before you are called to be a councillor 

  • Sit in the public seating area
  • The Chairman will invite you to join the council
  • Take a seat at the council table. 

During the meeting

  • The Chairman will extend a warm welcome to you
  • The Chairman will introduce the other councillors to you.
After the meeting
  • Complete and sign the 'Register of Interests form'.
  • Get the dates of the next Parish Council meetings
  • Share your contact details with the Parish Clerk



Set up an email account

  • The Parish Clerk will set up a Teynham PC email account for you
  • The Parish Clerk will send you details of how to log in
  • Let the Clerk know when you've got your account set up
  • The Parish Clerk will send a short email to everyone on the council letting them know your new address
  • Send a brief email to the full Parish Council, and say hello!
Add information on the Parish Council website
  • Update your details on the Your Councillor page 
  • As a minimum, we will publish your name and Teynham PC email address.
  • If you wish, we can add a photo and/or mobile number.
  • Please send Paul Townson 
    • your preferred spelling of your published name; 
    • a high resolution photo (optional).
    • contact details that you may wish to publish.

Update WhatsApps Groups

  • Add you to the TPC-Greneral Group WhatsApp Group


Chairman (or Clerk) to publicly welcome the new councillor to the Council via

  • Teynham Parish Council Website (this website!)
  • Social Media: Facebook page; Next Door
  • Parish notice boards: Teynham & Conyer
  • plus email to key stakeholders

Build knowledge

Find out about our community and the Parish Council

Understanding your role 

Essential reading

Read and get an overview of 

Next steps
  • Book on KALC's Dynamic Councillor Course (via the Clerk) 

Get involved

  •  Attend the full Parish Council meetings
    • If you can't attend, always send an apology to the clerk
  • Join one or more of the 'committees'.
  • Join different 'working groups' when you're ready
  • Contribute and share your passion and ideas