Highsted Park plans on display

Date: Saturday 6 April
Time: 10am — 1pm
Venue: Teynham Community Hall 


View the updated plans for the proposed Highsted Park (north and south) applications at the Teynham Community Hall, 89 Station Road, Teynham, ME9 9DU. Doors open 10am - 1pm on Saturday 6 April.

Plans on display

Plans on display will include: 

  • High-level framework (North)
  • Master Plan (North) 
  • Highlevel phasing plan (North) 
  • Parameter Plan (North) 
  • Heritage asset plan (North)
  • Built heights Density traffic (main layout) 
  • Master Plan (South) 
  • Parameter Plan (South) 


Poster available to download.

Please help share details of this event. A copy of the 'Highsted Park plans on display Poster' is available online.