Highsted Park

On this page you'll find:

  • An overview of what's happening on the Highsted Park application
  • A summary of the planning application
  • View the updated plans for Highsted Park (Sat 6 April 10-1)
  • How we, Teynham PC, are planning to respond to the application (A plan on a page)
  • A copy of the previous reply from Teynham PC (77 pages)
  • The consultation period
  • How to respond to the planning application 



  • Swale Borough Council have received an updated planning application for Highsted Park.
  • There are two planning applications relating to Highsted Park: 
  • At this stage, the applicant is seeking outline planning permission, not the full detail.
  • The consultation period is expected to run for 30 days.
  • Teynham PC has requested an extension to the consultation period.

Highsted Plans on Display

Highsted Park outline area

This map indicates the area covered by the Highsted Park planning application.

Responding to the planning application

High-level plan

Teynham PC have agreed a high level plan to respond to the planning application.
Click here to view a copy of our plan (1 page). 

  • We are currently gathering information to help with our reply to the planning application.
  • In addition, we are planning to hold a drop-in-session to share maps of the proposed development, share a copy of our draft reply and most importantly gather additional community feedback. 
  • Further details to follow. We will post updates on this page, plus our facebook page. 


Previous submission

In 2021 Teynham Parish Council, with the help of a planning consultant, responded to the original Highsted Park application.


Consultation Period

The consultation period will initially run for 30 days.

We understand that the consultation letters will be published shortly. 

View the application

The application can be viewed online.

Submit your comments

To make comments about this application you can submit comments

Please note: 

  • Quote the application number on all correspondence.
  • Comments on social media (eg Facebook) do not count towards the planning application.

Responding to an application

You can support, object or comment on a planning application on a number of grounds. Examples include:

  • Contrary to Local Plan
  • Appearance (design, materials etc)
  • Traffic, parking or access problems
  • Residential amenity (noise, overshadowing, overlooking)
  • Drainage problems
  • Effect on setting of Listed Building or
  • Character of Conservation Area

Quick reply template

If you’re unable to access the internet, Teynham Parish Council have prepared a ‘quick reply template’ that can be completed and submitted to the planning team. Pick up a copy from The Community Hall (date to be confirmed) or ask a friend to download a copy of the Quick Reply Template for you.

Alternatively, contact the Parish Clerk and we will send a copy to you by post.

Community Concerns & Opportunities

We are currently updating this section. Details to follow shortly.