Highsted Park Planning Applications

Highsted Park

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On this page you'll find:

  • An overview of the Highsted Park planning applications.
  • Teynham PC's response.
  • How you can respond.


Highsted Park overview

  • There are two planning applications relating to Highsted Park: 
  • The map, below, indicates the approximate area covered by the Highsted Park planning applications.

    Highsted Park outline area


Responding to the planning application


Teynham Parish Council, in collaboration with Doddington, Lynsted with Kingsdown, and Tonge Parish Councils, has been actively working to respond to the proposed Highsted Park North and South developments.

These developments represent one of the largest housing proposals in the UK. We are committed to ensuring that our communities' concerns are adequately addressed.

What We Are Doing

In 2021, Teynham Parish Council engaged a planning consultant to help formulate our objections to the Highsted Park applications.

In April 2024, we re-engaged our planning consultant to respond specifically to the Highsted North application (up to 1,250 houses, Ref: 21/503906/EIOUT) and the Highsted South application (up to 7,150 houses, Ref: 21/503914/EIOUT).

Recognising the scale and complexity of these proposals, we have also engaged a transport consultant to provide a detailed report on the transport implications. This collaborative effort, involving representatives from all four parish councils, ensures that our response is comprehensive and informed by both local feedback and expert analysis.

Why We Are Using External Consultants

Given the magnitude of the Highsted Park developments, we require expert guidance to navigate the planning process effectively. Our consultants bring years of experience in the planning industry, allowing us to present well-founded and authoritative objections. Their expertise ensures that our concerns are communicated clearly and compellingly to the planning authorities.

View the Reports

The two detailed reports, covering general planning matters and transport considerations, will be submitted to the Mid Kent Planning Team shortly. Each report includes an executive summary that provides an excellent overview, with further technical details in the body of the report.



Key objections

Our key objections remain:

  • General Planning Concerns
    • Non-Compliance with Local Plan Policies
    • Loss of High-Quality Agricultural Land and Food Security
    • Environmental and Ecological Impact
    • Community Well-being
    • Water supply and wastewater infrastructure 
  • Transport and Highways Concerns
    • Induced Traffic and Congestion
    • Air Quality
    • Sustainable Transport 
    • Infrastructure Adequacy

These objections are detailed in the reports, which have been developed through extensive community feedback and expert analysis. Our collective efforts aim to influence the Planning Officer’s report to the Swale Planning Committee, which will ultimately decide on these applications in September 2024.

We invite the community to review these reports. Whatever your views, you can submit your comments to the planning team at Mid Kent. (Detail below).

How to respond

Whatever your views, you can share your comments with the planning team at Mid Kent. Send your comments online, by email or post.

Please note: 

  • Quote the application number on all correspondence.
  • Comments on social media (eg Facebook) do not count towards the planning application.

Responding to an application

You can support, object or comment on a planning application on a number of grounds. Examples include:

  • Contrary to Local Plan
  • Appearance (design, materials etc)
  • Traffic, parking or access problems
  • Residential amenity (noise, overshadowing, overlooking)
  • Drainage problems
  • Effect on setting of Listed Building or
  • Character of Conservation Area