Frognal Place

Background Information

Update 20 December 2023

We are currently updating this page.


This page contain information relating to the Frognal Place development.

On this page, you'll find:

  • Summary
  • Our approach (how we will respond to the development)
  • Advice from Planning Consultant
  • Planning applications (with current status)
  • Useful information (including who to contact if there is an issue)
  • How to respond to planning applications.

Our approach

Teynham Parish Council's approach to responding to the Frognal Place planning application will be:

  • Provide an overview of what is happening (for example this page)
  • Seek to understand community views and concerns
  • Seek advice from a planning consultant to help guide us in the process
  • Work constructively with all parties
  • Gather facts and signpost sources of information.
  • Share community concerns with the developer.
  • Try to influence the way in which the development is delivered for the benefit of the local community (for current and future generations).
  • Raise awareness of the planning process, including how to respond.
  • Raise awareness of when major planning applications are available for comment.

Advice from Planning Consultant

Outline planning permission was granted in June 2021 under reference 16/507689/OUT for the development land at Frognal Lane, Teynham for up to 300 dwellings; employment premises, sports ground and pavilion, public open space, including allotments and community orchard and access, a new link road and roundabout on to the A2; other vehicular/pedestrian/cycle accesses, a reserve site for a new health centre; and associated parking and servicing areas, landscaping, wildlife areas, swales and other drainage / surface water storage areas.

This outline planning permission remains live and confirms that the principle of the above development has been agreed. The outline planning permission agrees the basic principles of the development. The period for legally challenging this outline planning permission has passed and there is now no opportunity to influence whether this development should or should not happen.

However, the details of how this development will be delivered and what it will eventually look like were always reserved for future consideration. The details have not yet been agreed and will come forward in separate “reserved matters” planning applications.

There is an opportunity for the Teynham Parish Council to have a say and to try to influence the way in which the development is delivered to the benefit of the local community through these reserved matter applications.

Teynham PC have been approached by Chartway Group, the prospective developer for the site to discuss their proposals for how they intend to deliver the residential part of the approved outline development. We now have a window of opportunity to enter into meaningful discussion with Chartway Group to voice our concerns and to try to negotiate various aspects of their proposals which might address those.

Seizing this opportunity for constructive engagement with the developer will give us the best opportunity of influencing how this development is built and to try to secure the most benefit to the community within the parameters of what has already been agreed.

The Parish Council have enlisted professional planning support to assist us in carrying out the following:


  • Identifying an initial list of concerns and items for further exploration with the developer
  • Identifying which of these concerns/items are capable of being influenced at this stage of the planning process
  • Prioritising the list to ensure that the primary issues of most concern to the local community, which can be influenced, are addressed.
  • Preparing an agreed set of objectives for what the Parish Council seeks to achieve through negotiation
  • Continuing direct dialogue with the developer to convey the agreed concerns/items and objectives
  • Secure agreement in principle from the developer on as many of the identified concerns/items prior to reserved matters application/s being made.


Fact finding

Members of Teynham Parish Council met with Chartway, the Frognal Place developers to fact find and share a range of initial community concerns. Teynham Parish Council’s appointed planning consultant was also in attendance.

Our approach and a summary of the initial community concerns can be viewed online.

  • Chartway indicated that they will review and respond to these initial concerns over the next two weeks.
  • Teynham PC will publish the response in full.
  • Chartway also indicated that the reserved matters application (which relates to the appearance, landscaping, layout and scale of the development) of the already approved outline planning applicationfor Frognal Place is expected to be submitted by the developers to the Swale Planning Team in mid to late October.
  • This will be an opportunity for everyone to respond directly to the planning team with their personal comments.
  • We will keep you updated when we know the reserved matters application has been submitted.