Letter to SEWater about water leaks and management of road closures

Teynham Parish Council have written to David Hinton, CEO, SEWater to to express our growing concern about the significant number of water leaks that have been plaguing our village for several months, the management of road closures and request a dedicated senior representative from SEWater to act as a single point of contact.

David Hinton
Chief Executive Officer
South East Water

9 October 2023 

Dear Mr. Hinton,

Subject: Ongoing Water Leaks and Road Closure Mismanagement.

On behalf of the residents of Teynham, we are writing to express our growing concern about the significant number of water leaks that have been plaguing our village for several months.

The impact of these ongoing leaks has had a detrimental effect on our community and environment. The continuous presence of water leaks not only tarnishes the appearance of our village, but it also poses the risk of long-term damage to our infrastructure and the wastage of precious natural resources.

Additionally, we have noticed a lack of effective management of emergency road closures in connection with the necessary repair work. There have been instances where roads were closed using Kent CC’s emergency road closure permit system, yet no crews were on-site to carry out the required repairs promptly. This has resulted in unnecessary inconvenience for local residents, affecting their daily routines and causing traffic disruptions.

In light of these concerns, we kindly request that you designate a senior representative from SEWater to serve as our point of contact. This representative would facilitate communication between our parish council and your company, ensuring a more efficient resolution of these issues.

We believe that open dialogue and collaboration are key to addressing the challenges our village faces.

Furthermore, we extend a warm welcome to your representative to join us at one of our upcoming parish council meetings. This would provide an excellent opportunity for SEWater to update us on your plans to address the ongoing water leaks, share insights into improved emergency road closure management, and foster a productive working relationship between our community and your company.

We understand that tackling these challenges may require time and resources, but we hope for a timely response and concrete action steps to rectify the situation. Our shared commitment to the well-being of our village and the responsible use of our natural resources is of paramount importance.

We look forward to working together to address these issues for the benefit of our community.