Highsted Park

Teynham Parish Council have requested an extension to the consultation period for the Highsted Park applications. Two separate emails were sent, one for each application.  

Dear Planning Team

Ref: 21/503906/EIOUT Consultation extension request.

This is a request to extend the consultation period for the planning application (Up to 1250 dwellings to the West of Teynham).

  • On behalf of the local community we request an additional 30 days for members of the public (60 days in total)
  • For Teynham Parish Council, we also request an additional 30 days (60 days in total)

Our concerns with the standard consultation period are:

  • The scale of this speculative planning application is, by any measure, extensive.
  • Two very large scale developments (Highsted South and Highsted North) at the same time
  • Significant number of documents to review
  • Significant and non-reversible impact of the proposed development on current & future residents; wild life; agricultural, infrastructure; historic assets and environment.

Community engagement, for this scale of project, takes significant time and resources