Raising community concerns on behalf of local residents. 

Highsted Park Consultation

1 March 2024

Teynham Parish Council have requested an extension to the consultation period for the Highsted Park applications. Two separate emails were sent, one for each application.

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Nomination for Scheduled Monument:
Roman mausoleum & finds

21 February 2024

Teynham Parish Council has written to Historic England to request that they evaluate the site of the Roman mausoleum and finds, including the statue of the Roman sea god Triton, and determine if it has the status to be classed as a Scheduled Monument.

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Teynham Parish Council's response to planning application 23/505541/REM 'Frognal Place'.

4 February 2024

Teynham Parish Council have responded to the planning application 23/505541/REM 'Frognal Place'. The response is based on formal and informal feedback, and represents a range of community views. A draft copy of this document was shared within the local community to gather additional comments and feedback. In addition, the draft document and additional comment were discussed with members of the public at the recent Parish Council Meeting.

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Frognal Place Development

Tuesday 2 January 2024

Email sent to the Mid Kent Planning Support Team requesting a 3-week extension to the consultation period for the Frognal Place development.

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Letter to NHS about GP services in Teynham

Monday 9 October.

On behalf of the community, Teynham Parish Council have written to Paul Bentley, Chief Executive Kent and Medway ICB NHS to highlight the continued absence of a local doctors' facility in Teynham.

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Letter to SEWater about water leaks and management of road closures

Monday 9 October.

Teynham Parish Council have written to David Hinton, CEO, SEWater to to express our growing concern about the significant number of water leaks that have been plaguing our village for several months, the management of road closures and a request for a dedicated senior representative from SEWater to act as a single point of contact.

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