Highway Improvement Plan

On this page you'll find:

  • Highway Improvement Plan for the Parish of Teynham
  • Creating a plan
  • Next steps
  • Give feedback

For details of the highway issues and opportunities visit this page


We are working with Kent County Council to look at potential highway improvements for the Parish of Teynham. This page provides an overview of the process, plus next steps. We would welcome your feedback.

Highway Improvement Plan

Creating a plan

The Highways Team at Kent County Council consult with Parish Councils to create a plan for highway improvements in each parish. This is known as a Highway Improvement Plan, or HIP for short.

The main stages to create the Highways Improvement Plan are:

  • Identify issues & opportunities.
  • Research (including site visits and speed surveys).
  • Review & recommendations (undertaken by KCC).
  • Budgets and funding
  • Action
KCC Highways team receive may hundreds of requests each year. They aim to deliver one or two projects for each parish each year. Some items are quick wins, while other items take substantial planning and resources, so naturally take longer.

Area covered by this plan

Our Highway Improvement Plan will cover the Parish of Teynham, including Conyer, Deerton Street and Teynham.

Identifying issues & opportunities

Through informal feedback, comments on social media and local knowledge, Teynham Parish Council are aware of a number issues and opportunities on the local highways. We would welcome your feedback. The details are shown on this page

Submit initial plan

Based on the highway issues and opportunities, plus feedback from the wider community, we will create and submit our initial Highways Improvement Plan to KCC Highways team. This is a 'living document' and can be updated at anytime.


  • Site visit and speed surveys. KCC Highway team are planning to visit our area on 12th August. In addition KCC Highway team have offered to conduct up to three speed survey. The speed surveys are scheduled for 12th September.
  • Crash data We review information from previous accidents. (We note that not all accidents have been recorded on this map).
  • Air Quality We are researching issues around air quality management area (AQMA 5) on London Road in Teynham.



We will keep you updated with our progress, with updates on this page, plus we are planning to hold a community meeting in the autumn. We would also welcome your feedback.

Community meeting

We are planning to hold an informal community meeting in the autumn to share the results from the site visits and speed surveys, gather feedback and discuss priorities.

Working together

Highway Improvement Plans require input, advice and knowledge from many sources. This includes the local community, Teynham Parish Council, neighbouring Parish Councils (Tonge PC & LWKPC), SBC Councillors (Mike Whiting & Lloyd Bowen), KCC (Rich Lehmann) and KCC Highways Team. We extend our thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project.


We would welcome your feedback, specifically:

  • Issues/opportunities
  • Speed surveys
    • KCC have offered to conduct up to 3 speed surveys. 
    • Which locations should we monitor?

Send your initial feedback, by 10 August, to Hayley Steel, Parish Clerk.

Teynham Parish Council

This project is one of a number of activities run by Teynham Parish Council for the benefit of everyone living within the Parish.

You'll find project summaries, like this one, on Our Projects page. For an overview of our responsibilities visit our What we do page.

If you have suggestions or comments, please feel free to get in touch. The details of Your Councillors are available online.